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As we get older, how we process information, our vision and our ability to move, changes. It’s important to know how advancing age affects our driving. Along with age, medical conditions and the medications used to treat them can also affect critical driving skills and a person’s ability to drive safely.

Assessing a person’s driving ability in a surgery environment may not always be possible, so Drive Check was created, primarily for health practitioners and senior drivers, to assist with determining medical fitness to drive.  The service provides a simple and cost-effective, practical (in-vehicle) option for assessing a person's driving abilities in everyday traffic situations, and includes a comprehensive report that details the patient’s ability to drive safely and competently.


How it Works

Following confirmation of a suitable date and time, the service begins with the client being met at their home address.  For assessment purposes, the client will be required to drive our dual-controlled, automatic, mid-sized sedan for approx. 50-60 minutes.  During this time, we will observe and assess their driving abilities, focusing on overall safety and legal operation of the vehicle in a range of familiar and unfamiliar driving situations and conditions.  Feedback and corrective tuition (if appropriate) may be included.  We will then return the client to their home address and provide a full report to the referring Doctor/Medical Practitioner.


  • an independent assessment of a patient’s ability to drive safely and competently,

  • feedback to the patient on any aspects of their driving that may need fine-tuning,

  • a detailed report emailed to the GP or specialist with the results of the assessment.

The service is available in all Brisbane and Sunshine Coast suburbs. Other SE Qld areas by negotiation.


Important Requirements

1. The patient must have a current/valid Queensland driver's licence.

2. For a patient who is aged 75 years or older, or those with a current medical condition, a medical certificate for motor vehicle drivers form (F3712), will need to be completed for the patient. This clearance to drive expiry date must cover the date of the driving assessment and must be carried while a patient is undertaking an assessment.

If either/both of these items are not current, we are not able to conduct the assessment.

NOTE: We are NOT Occupational Therapists (OT).  Patients who specifically require an OT should be referred directly to those services.


Discounts for RACQ Members are available

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